Holidays spark demand for retail stocks: Oppenheimer’s Alon Rosin

Holidays spark demand for retail stocks: Oppenheimer's Alon Rosin

It appears the Black Friday deals aren’t just at your favorite mall.

Oppenheimer’s Alon Rosin suggests the holiday rush is alive on Wall Street, too.

He’s seeing investors take positions in retail stocks at a robust pace right now.

“We’ve seen a lot of positive flows in XRT, the retail ETF, Best Buy and select retail names,” the firm’s head of institutional equity derivatives told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Wednesday. “They’ve gone up anywhere between 3 to 10 percent on average this past week relative to the S&P [500] which is up a percent. So, we’ve seen a lot of outperformance and positioning positively ahead of this weekend.”

Rosin doesn’t see a coincidence in the intersection of interest in retail stocks and the Black Friday start of the holiday season.

“If you have conversations with consumers at work, at home — everybody has been waiting for Thanksgiving to make their deals: Cyber Monday, this weekend,” he said.

The Best Buy trade

Rosin, who has been bullish on the overall market, sees Best Buy as one of the market’s most promising retail names.

Shares of the electronics giant have surged more than 52% this year. In its best month, the stock is up more than 10%.

“Best Buy has been a good name. They’re coming after Amazon,” said Rosin. “There’s a lot of positivity around how they’re attracting new consumers on their one-day delivery.

But Rosin, who does not hold a position in Best Buy, Amazon or the XRT, recommends shorting the stock right now due to the strong bounce.

“The stock has had a move here, and if you’re long it, we actually don’t mind buying a put to hedge that long position,” Rosin said.


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