Share Your 2020 College Application Essays

Share Your 2020 College Application Essays

Some number of months ago, before things changed entirely, you may have written an essay as part of an application for undergraduate admission. And perhaps it was about work or lack of work, what it’s like to be rich or far from it, or some other topic that touches on money.

If so, we’d like to see your essay.

Since 2013, we have collected hundreds of college admission essays each year and have published some of the ones we loved. You can read the five that we published last year here, including one from a summer garbage man and another by a plumber’s daughter. And don’t miss the one about the library, with the surprise twist in the middle.

Does your essay seem otherworldly now, irrelevant at a moment when most people are focused on protests and the coronavirus pandemic? Send it anyway.

The only rules are these: You need to have submitted the essay to at least one college as part of an application for undergraduate admission. It has to be from this current admission season (though it’s fine if you’re taking off a semester or year from the classroom and starting college in 2021). And the essay has to be about something to do with money.

Please submit your essay to us using the form on this page by Monday, July 6. If you wrote more than one, please submit them separately. We plan to publish some of them at the end of the summer and pay the writers our normal freelance rate.

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