How Steph Curry and other athletes stay busy in quarantine

How Steph Curry and other athletes stay busy in quarantine

With all sporting events postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus, professional athletes have a lot of extra time on their hands. 

Here’s how the pros are keeping busy at home, from cooking to dancing to experimenting with new sports.

Joe Kelly is working on his change-up in his backyard 

Not every pitch can be perfect, even for the LA Dodgers relief pitcher.

Serena Williams is building her mental strength 

Two failed attempts can’t stop the greatest of all time from sticking this landing. 

Steph Curry is polishing his golf game 

The magician on the basketball court is practicing a different kind of trick shot.

Caroline Wozniacki is sharing life hacks

The former world No. 1 tennis player discovered a talent for multitasking.

Carli Lloyd is getting reps in on the basketball court

Brooks Koepka is practicing his lefty game

The PGA star hit a 293-yard bomb … with his non-dominant hand.

Enes Kanter is perfecting his home cooking skills

The Turkish NBA player is learning how to prepare traditional dishes like menemen, börek and çay.

Novak Djokovic traded in his racket for a frying pan

No Wimbledon? No problem. The Grand Slam champ set up a makeshift court in his living room.

Simone Biles is staying focused at home 

The Olympic gold medalist doesn’t need a gym to hone her craft.

Joseph Parker is channeling his inner Hugh Grant

The boxer doesn’t just dance around the ring.

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