NFL star J.J. Watt discovered new hobby while self-quarantining

NFL star J.J. Watt discovered new hobby while self-quarantining

NFL star J.J. Watt is known for his versatility and unique ability to play either defensive end or defensive tackle for the Houston Texans.

But since self-quarantining with his wife and two dogs in Wisconsin, Watt has been perfecting a new talent, one also enjoyed by the likes of billionaires Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

Watt has found comfort amid the Covid-19 pandemic in doing the dishes.

“Dishes are my new hobby,” Watt said on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” on Tuesday. “It’s insane, man. I mean it never stops. I guess I never realized it before,” he said.

“Dishes are me. Laundry is [my wife],” Watt said, referring to professional soccer player Kealia Ohai.

But the five-timer pro bowler admitted, he is no wiz in other areas of the kitchen yet.

“[I’]m trying to cook. I feel like every time I step in the kitchen now I feel like I’m on an episode of ‘Chopped’ where I have to come up with new recipes and I’m flambeing stuff and I don’t even know what flambeing means,” he said.

(For the record, flambeing is a French cooking technique in which alcohol like brandy, rum, or cognac is added to a hot pan to create a burst of flames.)

Watt said he set off his fire alarm three times in one week while attempting to flambe. That’s why he decided to stick to doing the dishes.

And Watt isn’t alone in his love for the mundane task.

The world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, who’s currently worth $138 billion, and Bill Gates, the second richest at $105 billion, have both said they enjoy doing the dishes.

In November, Gates said washing the dishes every night keeps him humble and he enjoys it. And during a 2014 Reddit Ask Me Anything, Gates also admitted that he volunteers to do the dishes every night because he prefers his way of doing them.

Bezos told Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget in 2019, that doing dishes is part of his daily routine.

“I do the dishes every night,” said Bezos. “I’m pretty convinced it’s the sexiest thing I do.”

In fact, multiple studies have also found that doing dishes may reduce stress and even boost creativity.

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