Top Google recipes amid Covid-19: Banana bread, whipped coffee

Top Google recipes amid Covid-19: Banana bread, whipped coffee

Cooking has become a popular hobby amid the Covid-19 pandemic – as people across the globe follow “stay at home” orders and remain inside, they’ve hit the kitchen to pass the time. 

In fact, search interest for the word “recipe” has reached an all-time high in the U.S. and worldwide, Google Trends found.

This may be because baking recipes can “bring comfort” in times of uncertainty, culinary art therapist Julie Ohana previously told CNBC Make It.

“When times are turned on its head we look for ways to cope,” Ohana said. “Baking a loaf of bread, some cookies, etc. is so basic but fills such a void.”

The top searched for recipes include baked goods, like banana bread and brownies, according to Google Trends.

And while Dalgona coffee, a whipped coffee drink inspired by a South Korean candy, went viral on TikTok mid-pandemic, didn’t make the top 10, searches for the recipe spiked 850% over the past week in the U.S., according to Google Trends.

Here are the top 10 most searched recipes globally since March 1, according to Google Trends:

1. Banana bread recipe

2. Pancake recipe

3. Chicken recipes

4. Pizza dough recipe

5. Brownie recipe

6. “Recette crepe” (which means “crepe recipe” in French)

7. Meatloaf recipe

8. French toast recipe

9. Lasagna recipe

10. Cheesecake recipe

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